Friday, May 24, 2013


What if there is nothing in sex. Vatsyayana's Kama Sutra And how many types are described in the kiss. Inh subdue everyone to attain mastery over matter. Some kinds of kisses being discussed here, which are more easy, great fun. Well, all of which individually can express emotions. Deep Pasnet from which to tender sex life to which gushingly heals.

Lip Kiss
What is a classically. Just hit the lip to lip and tongue is not used any more. Just 10 seconds Pasnet what's new sheer color will fill your sex session. 

Cheek Kiss
What is the friendly greeting and also very popular. The affection shown to be a light touch on the cheeks lips. What to do what you're already aware, do not let her wet cheeks. Otherwise it can be uncomfortable for him.

 nose kiss

What does your boyfriend girlfriend's nose so it's very sweet romance and immediately gives the urge to wake up. What is induced sparks of love.

French Kiss
What is the most Erotic. The tongue is also used with lip balm. Which of the tongue, the tongue lash of the tongue will stimulate your partner completely. What part of this is something else. Indeed, for all it is not easy to do well. What are the French art

forhed kiss

 It's very sweet, which is Inoshent and starter. If you're shy lover whom you gradually can move towards openness. 

eskimo kiss

The boyfriend - girlfriend - scratch each other nose to nose. It shows affection, starting at a time in which the lip changed and how deep in mouth. Now it is up to you whether you wish to go Nibrr.  

peck kiss

This is how quickly taken a tight lip. It can also be taken on the cheeks. You want to get a chance to see what a sudden. Maybe, as you may.

Strawberry Kiss

What is it very funny. Try the Strawberry Lover What in the mouth. Try Strawberry with a bite, gradually will move closer to your destination. If desired, you can also use chocolate instead of strawberry.

Blowing Kiss

This sexy, Pleful and which can be fully Inoshent. What it is, how it depends on what you are offering.


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