Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Sensible Tips For Online Dating

Online dating has become the fashionable new craze. If you have recently split up from your partner and are seeking a new relationship, there are hundreds of services online which can help you meet your future love. There are thousands of fortunate cases where people have got married as a result of online dating. To ensure you get the best experience, it is important to act with caution and follow a few simple rules which will help keep you safe:
1) Take your time to choose a legitimate site
Do your research and join an online dating service which has been highly recommended. DO NOT opt for a free service. These can attract potentially dangerous individuals who cannot be tracked as they do not need to provide any credit card information which can identify them. A membership fee will not be substantial and will be worth it in the long run.
2) No personal information
Do not by any means provide your full name, home phone number or home address. Even uploading one of the three can make it easy for an individual to locate you and find out private information about you. In the early stages of communication, keep this information safe.
3) Use a different email account to your usual
Most online dating sites will provide you with an anonymous and free email account. If however you choose to move your communication to a personal email address, create a separate email account from your usual one. Again most legitimate sites such as Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo offer free email accounts so stick one where no fee is involved. Select your email address carefully and do not include your full name. Don't make it easy for an unknown individual to track you down and find out more information about you.
4) Don't use your home phone to talk
If you feel ready to take the next step and move your communication to the next level, do not do so with your home telephone number. If possible use your mobile or Skype until you truly get to know the individual online better.
5) Check their photo is recent
Do not feel embarrassed to ask whether someone's photo is a recent one. And if someone does not have one already uploaded, ask to see one. You need to have a good image in your head of how the individual looks, especially if you eventually choose to meet. If when you do decide to meet and the individual does not look like there photo, then you are dealing with a fraud and must leave immediately.
6) Don't rush into things
Try not to be hasty when you have found a profile you like. Take things slowly and let the conversation gradually evolve. It's fine to initially make small talk, that's how you will get to know someone. If at any point there is something regarding the individual that makes you feel unsure, then move onto another profile. Ignore the fact they have a stunning picture, there are millions of other online individuals out there waiting for you.
7) Trust your instincts
If you start to feel uncomfortable, then chances are you're on to something. Majority of the time, your gut instinct is key to knowing when things are right or not. Whether you are reading someone's profile, having a conversation, or in the middle of a meeting, you will instinctively make a decision about that person. Sometimes you will feel 'wrong' and when this happens, trust yourself proceed with caution.
8) Assess their characteristics
As you begin to communicate more with an individual, you may pick up on certain tendencies or character traits they have. For example, if they appear aggressive or controlling on the phone or via email, it is time for you to walk away and move on.
9) Watch out for married individuals
It is unfortunate and sadly true but you will find some individuals are secretly already married. Watch out for key things which could be suspicious. They make call you at irregular times, you're always forced to leave a voicemail, even after a long amount of time they won't share their home number with you and they will not introduce you to any friends or family. It is the same rules really that applies outside of the world of online dating but apply them to this and judge whether something does not seem right.
10) Meet in public
If the exciting time arrives where you feel confident enough to meet in person, play it safe! Arrange to meet in a public place and arrange your own transportation; do not accept an offer to be picked up. Ensure you tell your friends where you are and who you have arranged to meet. If the individual looks different to their profile picture, turn around and walk away!
Stick to these simple tips and stay safe!
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