Friday, March 15, 2013

The KISS too much magic. This relationship can either strengthen or even worse. Yes, Young Generation has become a way of knowing the long-term relationship 'KISS'.

A very Zorro - Soron likes kissing with so many it gradually works. And every kind of kiss is definitely some hints. Ie kissing style is hidden in the story.

Peck on the cheek
If a girl or a boy kiss on the cheek, then it means that this is their first date. And the definition of love gradually wants to remember.

Lips lips felt
Debt at the end of the kiss on the cheek instead of the lips to lips, it means that you or
They liked each other and both hope to see you next time. It is a green signal.

Open Mouth 'what' 
How do you like your partner to give freedom to come into your private space. That's the kiss 
But it just will not touch the lips lips and tongue feel spit it right back to each other. 

Public KISS
If you kiss your partner in front of the world, this means that life with you
Wants to live and to love you. So she did not care for anyone other than you.

Kiss on hand

It also could mean that his thinking is old fashioned or even that he will soon ask for your hand in marriage.

Kisses on the 'no' Control

Kiss on forehead
This means that you feel comfortable each other's company.

Platonic kiss
This is when you realize that she would not kiss. They are a very loving, but you can do something does not.

Sex-only Kiss
Kiss are just the two of you during sex, you should take it seriously. And using a few tips, even without sex to get used to Kiss

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